From intervention to content-area literacy, mathematics products from Teacher Created Materials help students master key concepts while developing procedural proficiency, conceptual understanding, and higher-level thinking skills.

Let's Talk Math

Watch students become effective collaborators and confident problem-solvers with this meaningful new approach to teaching math.

This series by Teacher Created Materials will make learning math more interesting and applicable to the real world by implementing structured problem-solving routines. Bring math to life for students by helping them understand, discuss, reflect, and write about how they solved complex math problems with their peers!

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Focused Mathematics Intervention

Reinforce key mathematical concepts and build mathematical fluency with this engaging, standards-based, easy-to-use intervention program.

This versatile program incorporates effective, research-based intervention strategies while emphasizing critical areas of mathematical focus at each grade level. Students will learn how to be active math learners through explicit instruction of mathematical strategies through a strategic progression of math topics across the series scope and sequence. This series can be used in a variety of instructional settings and schedules, including summer school and after school programs.

Available for Grades K-8.

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Mathematics Readers, 2nd Edition

Efficiently integrate instruction in mathematics and reading comprehension with a collection of engaging math readers that focus on mathematical practices.

Teacher Created Materials' Mathematics Readers, 2nd Edition, combines nonfiction and fiction texts with problem solving and mathematical reasoning and real-world connections to help students explore mathematical practices in a meaningful way. Standards-based lessons address the instructional shifts of focus, coherence, and rigor and challenge students to use higher-order thinking skills, while facilitating meaningful mathematical discourse.

Available for Grades K-6.

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Early Childhood Themes

Support early childhood educators in developing young children's language and academic vocabulary.

Teacher Created Materials' early childhood kits provide a comprehensive curriculum around a theme, crossing key early childhood content areas, including math, phonemic awareness, music, and more. Experienced and beginning teachers alike will benefit from the early childhood lesson plans to create a rich and engaging classroom experience specifically designed for early childhood students' unique needs, abilities, and interests.

Available for Grades PK-2.

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Guided Math

Deepen your students' math learning!

Teacher Created Materials has everything you need to implement Guided Math in your classroom.

Available for Grades K-8.

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