¡Aprendamos! Actividades para Grado 1

  • Grade: 1
  • Item: 125881
  • ISBN: 9781087639468
  • Language: Spanish

¡Aprendamos en cualquier lugar! Designed for both classroom and at-home learning, ¡Aprendamos! will keep Spanish-speaking students and families comfortable with any learning environment.

¡Aprendamos! Actividades para Grado 1

  • Contains 18 weeks of standards-based activities that make virtual learning, homeschooling, or whole-class instruction fun and effective
  • Allows for independent learning with clear directions and colorful pages
  • Includes activities for literacy, math, science, social studies, critical and creative thinking, technology, art and music, mindfulness, and even health and physical education
  • Bases each three-week unit on an engaging theme or topic, such as staying active, holidays, traveling, or birds
  • Excites students with immersive activities and educational games

With its broad range of subjects and student-friendly design, ¡Aprendamos! is a flexible activity book made to function in multiple learning environments, including distance learning. This teacher-approved product serves as a baseline to reinforce learning at school and overcome learning loss. Additionally, the product's flexibility allows teachers or parents to address learning gaps, challenge students, and boost confidence No matter what the new school year brings, this workbook will provide consistency and help Spanish-speaking first graders become well-rounded learners.

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