Everyone Pays Taxes 6-Pack

  • Grade: 3-4
  • Guided Reading Level: T
  • Item: 122473
  • ISBN: 9781087606781
  • Language: English

What are taxes? Who pays them, and what do they pay for? Third grade students will find the answers to these essential questions and more in this engaging 6-pack of nonfiction readers.

Everyone Pays Taxes 6-Pack

  • Explains how taxes work, the different types of taxes, and why taxes exist
  • Provides a short fiction piece related to the topic that will keep students interested
  • Connects key themes like civic duty and democracy to students’ daily lives
  • Includes a glossary, thought-provoking discussion questions, and a “Civics in Action” activity designed to help students expand their understanding of taxes
  • Offers a meaningful lesson plan that will help with implementation of activities

It’s important for students to understand why a book or candy bar they buy costs more than the listed price. This teacher-approved 6-pack describes the purpose and history of taxes in an easy-to-understand manner. With a relatable fiction story, index, meaningful images, and other features, this 6-pack of readers gives third grade students a close-up look at how taxes function in society and how they change based on the needs of the people.

This 6-pack includes six copies of this title and a content-area focused lesson plan.

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