Failure: Business Blunders Guided Reading 6-Pack

  • Grade: 6-8
  • Guided Reading Level: W
  • Item: 116517
  • ISBN: 9780743958875
  • Language: English

This item is estimated to be available in November 2019. Please contact customer service at 800-858-7339 to pre-order.

What do successful companies have in common? Not only do they sell billions of dollars in goods each year, they also have brand awareness. Some of these companies have something else in common--each has had a major failure that resulted in the loss of millions of dollars. Read about the risky ventures that crash-landed instead of taking off!

Created in partnership with TIME©, this 6-Pack of nonfiction readers builds critical literacy skills while students are engaged in reading high-interest content. This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a lesson plan that specifically supports guided reading instruction.

  • Reader's Guide and Try It! provide extensive language-development activities to develop critical thinking
  • Table of contents, glossary, and index help increase comprehension and strengthen academic vocabulary
  • A fun culminating activity challenges students to create and market a new product
  • Prepares students for college and career and aligns with state and national standards
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