Fiction Readers: Upper Emergent, 2nd Edition: Add-On Pack

  • Grade: 1
  • Guided Reading Level: H-L
  • Item: 123042
  • ISBN: 9781087607603
  • Language: English

Add additional copies of fiction readers to your classroom library with this Add-on Pack that includes one copy of each book from Fiction Readers: Upper Emergent Kit. Introduce first grade students to a wide range of appealing fiction genres including poetry, realistic fiction, fantasy, nursery rhymes, and fables. Motivate today's students by giving them the books they want to read with stories that celebrate diversity and inclusion. With books that encourage students to read actively, independently, and repeatedly, this Add-On Pack builds a foundation for a lifelong love of reading. Titles in this 15-book set include:

  • Oh, Rats!
  • Nani's Birthday Surprise
  • Tadpole Grows Up
  • Penguins Take Flight
  • Batty and Catty
  • For Sale
  • Ling's Giant Mooncake
  • Holi Day
  • Darri's Dot Painting
  • Hugo Learns a Lesson
  • The Old Woman Who Lives in the Other Shoe
  • Miss Hunt's Magic Map
  • Michael's Mystery
  • The Magic Corncob
  • King Cole's Feast
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