Focused Reading Intervention: 20 Student Guided Practice Book Nivel K, 1 Teacher's Guide, 1 Assessment Gu…

  • Grade: 2
  • Item: 116166
  • ISBN: 9780743957137
  • Language: Spanish

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This rigorous and focused reading intervention program helps bridge the gap between struggling and proficient readers, bringing English language learners up to grade level. Teach key reading skills by focusing on reading comprehension, fluency, word recognition, academic vocabulary, phonics, and more! This high-interest resource meets national standards while allowing for differentiation strategies to target on-, above-, and below-level learners. This dynamic kit also allows teachers to save prep time, easily implementing the program with the help of numerous resources.

Focused Reading Intervention: Level 2 Kit (Spanish Version) includes:

  • Teacher's Guide (English version) with 30 standards-based lessons
  • 20 full-color Student Guided Practice Books (Spanish version)
  • Literacy Games
  • Assessment Guide (Spanish version)
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