How Do Governments Spend Money?

  • Grade: 4-8
  • Item: 123974
  • ISBN: 9781087615448
  • Language: English

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Teach students how the U.S. government raises and spends money! This interesting Grade 4 nonfiction reader details how each level of government uses money.

How Do Governments Spend Money?

  • Explores how the government gets money and uses it to solve problems
  • Provides a short fiction piece related to the topic to keep students invested
  • Connects key topics such as democracy and economic systems to students’ daily lives
  • Includes a glossary, essential discussion questions, and a “Civics in Action” activity designed to teach students about making a budget

Students should learn about taxes, public welfare, and other ways the government affects the economy. This teacher-approved product provides students with a close-up look at how local, state, and national governments spend money based on people’s needs. With an illustrated fiction story, index, bright images, and other useful features, this reader helps fourth grade students understand what their government spends money on.

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