Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow Big Book with Lesson Plan

  • Grade: PK-1
  • Item: 100407
  • ISBN: 9781493884636
  • Language: English

Children will love the simple rhyme in this illustrated version of a traditional song. Readers will be engaged from beginning to end as they read about a farmer who tends to his oat, pea, bean, and barley plants. Children are encouraged to gather information from the text and the images to retell what they have learned. This 15" x 19" big book features extra-large text and vibrant illustrations, and is ideal for circle time, read alouds, and small-group instruction. The accompanying lesson plan provides strategies and learning activities for cross-curricular instruction, and helpful tips for differentiating instruction. This book will leave new readers feeling confident as they begin their discovery of the world of reading!

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