Science Readers: Physical Science Add-on Pack

  • Grade: 3-4
  • Guided Reading Level: O-T
  • Item: 11068
  • ISBN: 9781433300684
  • Language: English

Add additional copies of Science Readers: Physical Science to your classroom library with this add-on pack that includes one of each book from the complete kit (set of 16).

Titles include:

  • Inside the World of Matter
  • Max Planck: Uncovering the World of Matter
  • Investigating the Chemistry of Atoms
  • Marie Curie: Pioneering Physicist
  • All About Energy
  • Albert Einstein: Gentle Genius
  • Investigating Forces and Motion
  • Isaac Newton and the Laws of the Universe
  • All About Mechanical Engineering
  • Making It Go: The Life and Work of Robert Fulton
  • Investigating Electromagnetism
  • Thomas Edison and the Pioneers of Electromagnetism
  • All About Light and Sound
  • Pioneers of Light and Sound
  • The World of Elements and Their Properties
  • Antoine Lavoisier: Founder of Modern Chemistry

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