Discovering Science Through Inquiry


The components in these kits follow the 5E model of instruction: engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate.

  • Provide students with writing activities, leveled questions, and scientific research activities with 16 Scientific Inquiry Cards.
  • Support teachers with clear, guided instruction for a smooth transition to inquiry-based learning with the Teacher's Guide.
  • Guide students through exploration of scientific concepts with the background information, hands-on activities and science experiments, and science journal pages included in the Student Inquiry Handbook.
  • Access exciting video clips on the interactive whiteboard-compatible digital resources.
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In the Classroom

  1. Inquiry-based instructional approaches.
  2. Engaging interactive videos.
  3. Differentiated questions.
  4. Informal and formal assessments.

Perfect Mix

Engage students with exciting video clips and digital versions of student activities and additional teacher resources.

Perfect Mix
In Action

In Action

See how Discovering Science Through Inquiry from Teacher Created Materials engages students in scientific exploration!

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