Exploring Social Studies Kentucky


Encourage students to become active learners to promote civic thinking.

  • Build literacy and social studies knowledge with high-interest nonfiction books featuring dynamic primary sources that meet the four disciplines of social studies.
  • Make every elementary educator a social studies expert with easy-to-use, creative lesson plans that meet state standards for both ELA and social studies.
  • Promote inquiry-based learning with discussion questions, document-based assessments, and primary source analysis activities. 
  • Support English learners with differentiation tips embedded within each lesson. 
  • Use in multiple instructional settings, including whole- and small-group instruction during social studies or within a Balanced Literacy approach.
  • Engage students through integrated technology with audio files of each book that model fluent reading, as well as interactive eBooks and additional digital resources.
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In the Classroom

  1. Seamlessly integrate social studies content into your ELA block of instruction 
  2. Can be used as a core program or as a supplement to fill curricular gaps 
  3. Bridge gaps in social studies content knowledge and support both whole-and small-group instruction

The Perfect Mix:

Use interactive eBooks and additional digital resources to enhance the reading experience and integrate purposeful technology.

The Perfect Mix:
What People Are Saying:

What People Are Saying:

“This is an amazing history resource! There are so many essential skills covered with engaging and fun activities for our K–5 students.” 
–ELA Coordinator, Curriculum
and Instruction

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