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Create a well-balanced, nonjudgmental learning environment for young English language learners.

  • Facilitate instruction and stay on track with the easy-to-use Teacher's Guide packed with engaging English lesson plans, 120-hour pacing plans, and bilingual student resources.
  • Introduce students to the English language with vivid Vocabulary Cards, both in English and Spanish, set at the core of many lessons that allow students to visualize and relate to the words they are learning.
  • Engage students in different topics while developing their oral language, phonemic awareness, and fluency with high-interest, age-appropriate books.
  • Create a blended learning environment and keep students motivated by utilizing Digital Resources such as audio recordings to model fluent reading, student reproducibles, interactive whiteboard activities, and more.
  • Track student progress through assessments available in the Teacher's Guide.
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In the Classroom

  1. Engaging and meaningful activities.
  2. High-interest text correlated to TEKS.
  3. Age-appropriate vocabulary.
  4. Blended learning environment.

Perfect Mix

Integrate technology into instruction with interactive whiteboard activities, electronic page-turning books, and exciting video clips.

Perfect Mix
From an Educator

From an Educator

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