Content Knowledge

Supplement your reading program with our content-area resources. Integrate science, social studies, and mathematics concepts and themes into your reading block with dynamic and engaging readers. These books meet your students’ needs for high-interest informational text, while featuring a variety of text structures, academic and domain-specific vocabulary, and complex text aligned to content areas.

Primary Source Readers

Seamlessly integrate social studies into language arts instruction.

Build literacy and social studies content knowledge with these high-interest, content-rich readers.

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Inspire students to make change!

Created in collaboration with civics expert iCivics, this high-quality literacy and civic resource engages students in critical thinking, thoughtful discussions, and activities about their civic responsibilities. 

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Untold Stories

Explore diverse perspectives!

Empower students by helping them connect with unique stories that promote representation and diversity. Untold Stories is a meaningful nonfiction series with texts that focus on diverse people and their captivating experiences.

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Exploring Primary Sources

Primary sources that provide a comprehensive understanding of historical events.

Bring social studies to life through primary sources such as maps, letters, photographs, political cartoons, and more

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Math Readers, 2nd Edition

Efficiently integrate instruction in mathematics and language arts.

Help students explore mathematics in meaningful ways with fiction and nonfiction texts that promote problem-solving...

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Science Readers

Help students explore, collaborate, inquire, and think critically about science!

Integrate science and literacy instruction through meaningful science content.

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Product Training

Virtual Product Launches designed to train teachers.

These Virtual Product Launches have been specially designed to quickly train teachers on how to use a particular product so they can be more effective in their teaching.  


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Topic: Building Knowledge & Vocabulary: Reading Complex Text Across the Content Areas

Students need to access rich, challenging text.

Students need to access rich, challenging text to develop knowledge, build vocabulary, and improve comprehension across the content areas.


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