Fiction Readers


Fiction Readers from Teacher Created Materials is full of resources to set the foundation for lifelong reading success.

  • Introduce readers to a range of fiction genres including fables, fairy tales, traditional stories, adventure, humor, poetry, diaries, journals, realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, biographies, and graphic novels.
  • Implement the science of reading instruction with focused, research- and standards-based lessons
  • Make teaching more effective with key reading skills and strategies found in the best practices
  • Track and monitor student progress with an oral reading record and comprehension assessment with each reader
  • Enhance the reading experience with read-along eBooks and other digital resources.
  • Pair fiction books with cross-disciplinary nonfiction topics to connect common themes
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In the Classroom

  1. Illustrated fiction readers with complex, diverse stories
  2. Flexible pacing and lesson options
  3. Support guided reading, learning centers, and small- and whole-group instruction
  4. Facilitate student-centered learning
  5. Increasingly complex vocabulary, sentence structures, and literary devices

Perfect Mix

Use read-along eBooks, School-Home Connections, and other digital resources to enhance the reading experience

Perfect Mix
Educator Approved

Educator Approved

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