Civil War Leaders Guided Reading 6-Pack

  • Grade: 4-8
  • Guided Reading Level: U
  • Item: 100179
  • ISBN: 9781493882076
  • Language: English

This nonfiction reader profiles some of the great leaders during the Civil War era. Students will examine the lives of these leaders that inspired others to fight bravely for the cause. Breathe life into the pages of history with primary source documents that offer significant clues on what life might have been like during this turbulent time in American history. Authentic artifacts, including maps, government documents, and other primary sources offer an intimate glimpse of life during this era. This reader contains text features including captions, bold print, glossary, and index to increase comprehension and academic vocabulary. This 6-Pack includes six copies of this Level U title and a lesson plan that specifically supports guided reading instruction.

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