Focused Mathematics: Booster Pack: Level 3 (Spanish)

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  • Grade: 3
  • Item: 100295
  • ISBN: 9781493883394
  • Language: Spanish

This Focused Mathematics Booster Pack is the perfect companion to Focused Mathematics Intervention. Extend your intervention instruction with Spanish math readers and student-friendly activities that promote problem solving and mathematical discourse through real-world connections. The flexible instructional format can be used with workstations, small groups, and whole-class instruction. The multi-modal activities accommodate different learning styles and provide hours of math practice per book, and the titles have been specifically selected to capture a wide range of student interests across the content areas. Give your math intervention program a "boost" with this essential booster pack created for English language learners.

Focused Mathematics: Booster Pack: Level 3 (Spanish Version) includes:

  • Overview Cards - 1 copy per title
  • Booster Cards - 6 copies per title
  • Management Guide
  • Digital Resources
  • Books - 6 titles, 6 copies each
    • Las figuras en el arte (Shapes in Art)
    • ¡En peligro! (At Risk!)
    • ¡Cuenta conmigo! ¿Qué hay de almuerzo? (Count Me In! What's For Lunch?)
    • En el trabajo: Paisajistas: Perímetro (On the Job: Landscape Architects: Perimeter)
    • La Srta. Wilde y Óscar (Ms. Wilde and Oscar)
    • Arte y cultura: Postres alrededor del mundo: Comparación de fracciones (Art and Culture: Desserts Around the World: Comparing Fractions)
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Series highlights include:

  • Books - 6 Spanish fiction and nonfiction titles, 6 copies each
  • Overview Cards - 1 copy per title
  • Booster Cards - 6 copies per title
  • Management Guide includes instructional best practices, standards correlations, and differentiation tips
  • Digital Resources include PDFs of books and Booster Cards, and professional audio recordings of the books

Books - 6 titles, 6 copies each

Fiction and nonfiction Spanish books were carefully chosen to include a range of grade-appropriate reading levels and to support grade-level mathematics standards, with emphasis on each grade level’s Critical Areas of Focus. Each high-interest text features appropriately leveled content and real-world mathematics connections.

Booster Cards - 6 copies per title

Each Booster Card includes 8 activities that require students to apply different strategies and use different modalities in their mathematics practice. The activities encourage mathematical discourse, promote real-world connections, and support and engage multimodal learners in mathematical practices and processes. Each Booster Card also includes a Mathematician Checklist that prompts students to their best work. Each card contains 100 minutes of activities for a total of 600 minutes.

Overview Cards - 1 copy per title

Overview Cards for teachers include a book summary, lesson objectives, guided reading level, lexile level, mathematics vocabulary, and cross-content connections.

Management Guide

This useful resource facilitates successful implementation of the program. It includes an overview of research, standards correlations, instructional best practices, and grouping and scheduling options. It provides differentiation suggestions to help English language learners and below- and above-level students access the content and communicate their comprehension.

Digital Resources

PDFs of the books, Booster Cards, student response pages, student activity sheets, and assessment rubrics are included on the USB device. Additionally, professional audio recordings of the books are also provided.

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