Focused Mathematics Intervention: 30 Student Guided Practice Book, 1 Teacher's Guide, 1 Assessment Guide …

  • Grade: 4
  • Item: 116138
  • ISBN: 9780743956857
  • Language: Spanish

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Reinforce key math concepts and build mathematical fluency with this engaging, standards-based, easy-to-use math intervention program for English language learners. This kit helps improve students' test scores with diagnostic assessments, concept tasks, and performance tasks that mirror national standards.

Math in the Real World concept tasks introduce learners to real-world problem-solving skills, promoting college and career readiness. Math fluency games help create an interactive learning environment that will engage students and guide them toward independent skill application.

Focused Mathematics Intervention Level 4 Spanish Kit includes:

  • Teacher's Guide (English version) with 30 lessons
  • 30 Full-Color Student Guided Practice Books (Spanish version)
  • Assessment Guide (Spanish version)
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