Marcha hacia adelante 6-Pack

  • Grade: 1-2
  • Guided Reading Level: E-M
  • Item: 11659
  • ISBN: 9781433306594
  • Language: Spanish

Act out the story of Sophia, a young girl who is nervous about moving to a new town and having her life change. By hearing her grandmother's story about immigrating to America, Sophia learns that making a big change can lead to very good things!

The leveled, Spanish-translated script allows teachers to use differentiation and English language learner strategies to assign specific roles to students in a way that accommodates individual reading skills. Allowing for differentiation, teachers can get struggling and proficient readers involved and engaged in the same activity.

Students will also practice interacting cooperatively and using expressive voices and gestures. With an accompanying poem and song, this script is a dynamic resource for first and second grade. This colorful script is sure to get all students participating and confidently practicing fluency in a way that many other texts cannot. This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title, a lesson plan, and an audio CD.

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