Primary Sources: Ancient Civilizations Kit

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  • Grade: 3-8
  • Item: 11137
  • ISBN: 9781433301377
  • Language: English

Build social studies content-area literacy by integrating dynamic primary sources into the classroom! This comprehensive kit uses original documents, maps, photographs, and other materials to engage students in understanding the history of ancient civilizations from around the world. These authentic resources will capture students' curiosity about the past and promote critical thinking as they analyze different cultures, societies, and historical events.

Primary Sources: Ancient Civilizations Kit includes:

  • 8 Primary Source Cards:
    • Athenian Acropolis
    • Hatshepsut's Temple
    • Inside the Colosseum
    • And more…
  • 8 Primary Source Reproductions:
    • Greek and Roman Coins
    • Timbuktu
    • River Civilizations Map
    • And more…
  • Teacher's guide
  • Digital resources
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Series highlights include

  • 8 Photo Cards
  • 8 Primary Sources
  • Teacher's Guide with easy-to-use lessons and document-based assessments
  • Digital Resources
Primary Sources: Ancient Civilizations Kit

8 Primary Sources

Provide students with a deeper and more comprehensive view of historical events through maps, letters, photographs, political cartoons, and more! Students will participate in the constructive process of history by studying primary source documents and photographs. Viewing historic photographs, handling facsimiles of famous documents, and reading the comments and opinions of those in the past prepare students for document-based assessments.

Teacher's Guide

Give teachers the tools to breathe life into history. The Teacher's Guide provides extensive details about each component in the kit. Lesson plans are organized with objectives, materials, discussion questions, suggestions for using the primary sources, and extension ideas. Historical background pages are provided to give teachers and students information about each of the primary sources being studied.

Digital Resources

  • Digital copies of all photographs and primary sources
  • Bonus photographs and primary sources
  • Student reproducibles
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