The Science of Waves and Surfboards Guided Reading 6-Pack

  • Grade: 3-5
  • Guided Reading Level: W
  • Item: 116438
  • ISBN: 9780743958080
  • Language: English

Being a great surfer requires more than skill and instinct. It's a sport that relies on science! Without buoyancy, surfers would sink. Without acceleration, they could not travel the length of a wave. Science also plays a role in how surfboards are designed. The history of surfing is a lesson of progress in science. Dive in and find out more!

Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, this 6-Pack builds students' literacy skills while fostering curiosity, creativity, and innovation. It features a hands-on STEAM challenge that guides students through each step of the engineering design process and is ideal for makerspace activities. This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a lesson plan that specifically supports guided reading instruction. Features include:

  • Real-world examples provide insight into how the engineering design process is used to solve real-world problems
  • Content that highlights every component of STEAM: science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math
  • Career advice from Smithsonian employees working in STEAM fields
  • Dynamic images and text features enhance the reading experience and build visual literacy
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