You Are There! San Francisco 1906 Guided Reading 6-Pack

  • Grade: 5-8
  • Guided Reading Level: V
  • Item: 100189
  • ISBN: 9781493882175
  • Language: English

At the dawn of the twentieth century, San Francisco was the economic and cultural center of the West Coast. But in 1906, everything changed. A devastating earthquake hit the city, tumbling buildings and igniting infernos. How would San Francisco recover? This nonfiction title builds critical literacy skills while students are immersed in reading historical content. Featuring TIME content, this purposefully leveled text was developed by Timothy Rasinski, a leading expert in reading research. Informational text features include a table of contents, captions, bold font, a glossary, sidebars, and an index to deepen understanding and build academic vocabulary. The Try It! culminating activity requires students to connect back to the text, and the Reader's Guide provides opportunities for additional language-development activities. This 6-Pack includes six copies of this Level V title and a lesson plan that specifically supports guided reading instruction.

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