Clean Air to Share

  • Grade: 3-4
  • Guided Reading Level: S
  • Item: 121672
  • ISBN: 9781087605142
  • Language: English

Teach students about the environment and how to protect it! This Grade 3 nonfiction reader will explain why keeping the air clean is important in a fun and meaningful way.

Clean Air To Share

  • Describes current threats to Earth’s environment and explains how their effects can be limited
  • Provides a short fiction piece related to the topic to keep students engaged
  • Connects important topics such as pollution and greenhouse gases to students’ daily lives
  • Includes a glossary, essential discussion questions, and a “Civics in Action” activity designed to get students excited about helping their planet

There are small things students can do every day to make a positive impact on the environment. This teacher-approved reader explains the challenges facing Earth’s environment as well as ways that individuals and the government can help. With an illustrated fiction story, index, relevant images, and other useful features, this book will engage third grade students by showing them the many ways that individuals can keep the planet healthy.

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