The Preamble: The Spirit of America

  • Grade: 3-4
  • Guided Reading Level: S
  • Item: 121673
  • ISBN: 9781087605159
  • Language: English

Students may have heard the phrase “We the people,” but do they truly know the history behind these powerful words? This Grade 3 nonfiction reader examines the Preamble to the Constitution in a fun and meaningful way.

The Preamble: The Spirit of America

  • Analyzes the Preamble line by line in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Provides a short fiction piece related to the topic to keep students invested
  • Connects essential topics like the U.S. Constitution and federal government to students’ daily lives
  • Includes a glossary, interactive discussion questions, and a “Civics in Action” activity designed to get students excited about the Preamble’s powerful words

In 1787, America’s leaders met to outline how the young nation would run. Thus begins the story of the Constitution and Preamble’s creation, exp

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