The Flag

  • Grade: K-1
  • Guided Reading Level: G
  • Item: 121650
  • ISBN: 9781087606330
  • Language: English

Help kindergarten students discover what the American flag means to them! This fun nonfiction reader explores the meaning behind a well-known symbol of the United States.

The Flag

  • Explains what the flag represents and why it makes Americans proud
  • Provides a short and relatable fiction piece connected to the topic
  • Challenges students to explore the meaning of the flag with thought-provoking questions
  • Includes colorful pages, discussion questions, and a “Civics in Action” activity that will encourage students to learn how to take care of the flag

Throughout United States history, the American flag has been a symbol of freedom that people are proud to see. This teacher-approved reader explores how people display respect for the flag and what its stars and stripes mean to the country. With vibrant images, an illustrated fiction piece, and other helpful features, this book will allow young students to navigate their own relationships with the Star-Spangled Banner.

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